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Tina Swithin is a divorce coach and consultant specializing in high-conflict custody battles and divorce. As a member of your team, Tina will serve as your thinking partner, confidant and will work with you to find strategies, solutions or at the very least, ways for you to cope and reclaim your power. Are you having a difficult time “choosing your battles wisely” — this is so important in a high-conflict custody case. Tina will look at your case from a neutral, third party perspective and see things with “fresh eyes” while helping you to strategize. Whether you are new to the battlefield and just starting the process or you are a seasoned battlefield warrior, Tina can help you.  Tina has clients all over the world and calls are done by phone.

Some areas that Tina can help:

  • Taking your power back and self care
  • Boundaries (no contact, limited contact and parallel parenting)
  • Documentation (creating a system that works for you)
  • Basic preparation for evaluations or GAL (minor’s counsel)
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome accusations (steps to avoid this very common accusation)
  • Helping your children cope and weather the storm
  • Building your team and finding advocates for your children
  • Finding the rainbow of life after the storm has settled
  • Living in gratitude: it’s a matter of perspective – there is always something to be grateful for.


The journey you are on is one that very few can relate to and while you may feel alone in your battle, you are no longer alone. Tina will cheer you on during the victories and lift you up when you are feeling defeated.

To schedule with Tina (please read carefully):

  • Download the intake forms and email completed forms to tina@tinaswithin.com at least 24-hours prior to your session. If Tina does not receive your forms 24-hours prior to the appointment, your appointment will be cancelled as she is unable to proceed without your paperwork. Tina’s call-in number (scheduled appointments only) is: (805) 864-3222.
  • Click here to select the next available appointment on Tina’s calendar (Important: calendar and appointments are quoted in Pacific time so please calculate your time zone accordingly.) Sessions are $145/hour with discounts for multiple sessions.


 “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” –Chinese Proverb