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The Dysfunction within the Narcissist’s Family

  I have always maintained that my battle was not with my ex-husband…it was with his entire family. Left to his own, my ex would have probably faded away because the reality was, he never wanted to be a dad and when afforded the opportunity to step up to the plate, he failed at every […]

Refueling our Hearts, Minds and Spirits – and Choosing our Battles Wisely

Every once in awhile, I get an email that stops me in my tracks. Sometimes it is a person halfway around the globe who is contemplating suicide and just needs someone to hear their battle cry. Other times it is someone who wants to share their story of victory in the family court system. In […]

Failure in the Family Court System: The Child Custody Evaluation

  Failure in the Family Court System: The Child Custody Evaluation  (Part 1 of many…) Background: June 15, 2010. I was at the end of a child custody evaluation with Noelia de la Torre of Family Court Services in San Luis Obispo, California. I was upset to discover that she would be interviewing my soon-to-be […]

God Nudges and Signs

  Many of you know my testimonial but I will give you the “nutshell” version for those who don’t. Prior to January of 2009, I could have been labeled an Atheist. I had no spiritual foundation nor did I have a desire to create one. My marriage came to a not-so-abrupt ending (looong time coming) and I […]

Empowering our Children

  Teaching our children to fill their “self-care” toolbox…. In 2016, my daughter began experiencing panic attacks. As a mother, I felt helpless as I desperately searched for “tools” to empower her during these panic attacks.  We tried deep breathing exercises, meditation, a diffuser at nighttime with calming scents and during the day, we used […]