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  I consider myself to be a pretty strong person – I have always prided myself on my ability to persevere despite the lemons that are thrown my way. I have faced major adversity throughout my life yet I have always found a way to take lemons and whip up a big ‘ol batch of lemonade. […]

  I remember lying on my couch and staring up at the ceiling. My daughters were just shy of their 2nd and 4th birthdays. My world had exploded and it was a long time coming. A month prior, my husband Seth had said the words that I was secretly longing to hear, “it’s over.” I […]

  “For anyone who wonders what it’s like to have a tragedy shatter your existence, this is what I would tell them: it’s like going through the motions of everyday life in a zombified state. It’s forgetting how to be your once cheerful, perky self, and having to relearn basic social skills when mingling with […]

Last week, a friend invited me to go with her to a Valentine’s Day inspired art class. The designated project was a heart-shaped mosaic. Anyone who knows me knows that I love hearts. I hobbled in on crutches and was one of the first to arrive. I was directed towards thousands of broken, shattered pieces […]

The Lemonade Club is a private forum for those enduring high-conflict custody battles. In fact, it is the only forum designated specifically to individuals who are going through high-conflict custody battles with personality disordered individuals such as narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder (sociopaths and psychopaths) and borderline personality disorder. Interested in joining Tina and […]

I am wrapping up one of the best weeks of my life. I’ve started this e-newsletter in my head multiple times since Sunday but I don’t really have words to capture the magic that has taken place in recent months. When I examine the different categories in my life, I feel content and fulfilled. That isn’t […]

  What I have learned over the past 5 months: I am stronger than I gave myself credit for. I also believe that you are stronger than you believe yourself to be (insert fist-bump here). For me, being knocked down and broken means that there is only one way to go —  I needed to get up […]

  My story is proof that the battle is never truly over. My ex-brother-in-law, Jason Robert Porter (known as “Robert” in my book) was one of the biggest sources of contention in my child custody battle. My ex-husband and I had agreed during our marriage that Jason would never be around our daughters and we […]

I live on the coast of California and sometimes the fog can be so thick that it is difficult to see the road. Sometimes the fog is thick in patches for a mile or two and then it clears and allows the moon to shine down and light the way. I’ve been in a thick […]

  LoveFraud Webinar: Understanding the Language of the Narcissist during divorce or custody battles   In 2009, I discovered that there is only one thing worse than being married to a narcissist and that is divorcing a narcissist. Being someone who cringes at the mere thought of conflict, I was not prepared for the onslaught […]